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A friend named Jonathan sent us this photo yesterday that I knew everybody would totally love. It’s his own personal Tattoo of Batman’s most popular villain, THE JOKER!! It’s really very well done… Continue reading

Stephanie Gets an Awesome BATMAN & JOKER Tattoo!!

I got an e-mail this morning from a Bat-Blog Reader who recently got a “Batman and The Joker” Tattoo!! The artwork shows the famous set of arch-enemies in battle! This is a very… Continue reading

Do You Know The Name of This BATMAN & ROBIN Illustrator ?

A friend recently bought this original artwork that is actually a very large advertising poster featuring Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, The Batmobile Car, & The Bat-Jet ( whew! ). It was… Continue reading

Al Bigley’s Classic Batman Comic Book Cover Recreation ©1976

We have a good friend here named Al Bigley who is a freelance graphic artist who works in comic books & advertising. He has a blog where he shares stuff he likes: Retro… Continue reading

BATMAN: ODYSSEY Sneak Peak at The Artwork By NEAL ADAMS!

OK, We have mentioned this before at the Bat-Blog many times so it should be no surprise but for quite awhile now the legendary comic book artist Neal Adams has been working on… Continue reading

ART: Paper Mache BATMAN SUPERHERO Craft Project

Well, it looks like our friend Lauren has been pretty busy lately, or at least very creative. YES! She made this totally awesome BATMAN Paper Mache Figure!! I really really like this thing… Continue reading

Original BATMAN COMIC BOOK ART by The UK’s Clint Langley.

Here are some photos sent in by our good friend Guenter. He recently went to a comic convention in Essen , Germany called “Comic Action”. While there he was able to pick up… Continue reading


I was kinda bored tonight so I surfed around eBay a little bit for some cool Batman Toys…HOLY BAT-BIKE, BATMAN!! Or I guess I should say, “Joker-Bike”, ha ha! Here’s a completely Customized… Continue reading

BAT-INK: Check Out These Cool BATMAN & JOKER Tattoos!

On Facebook the other day I met a guy named Jonathan who has a couple of Bat-Tattoos that I knew a lot of Batman Fans would really like. He has one on each… Continue reading