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Archer’s Amber Nash Is Having a Fabulous Pam Poovey Cosplay Contest

Would you like to win a Comic-Con Archer exclusive? If so and if you happen to bear any kind of likeness to Pam Poovey, you’re in luck! The voice behind the character, Amber… Continue reading

Rule 63 Dwarves And Bilbo Baggins Cosplay

You never know what sort of costumes you’ll see while at Dragon Con, but it’s guaranteed you’ll see variations you’ve never seen before. Though I’ve spotted a few cross-play versions of Bilbo Baggins,… Continue reading

Zoey’s Last Stand “Left 4 Dead” [Cosplay]

This fantastic Left 4 Dead cosplay is titled “Zoey’s Last Stand” and features some incredible make-up effects courtesy of Renee Marie of Mirror Makeup Artistry. The shoot was done by John Nettles Jr.… Continue reading

Nerdy Bits: Wolverine in Butter, He-Man in LEGO, Classic Batman in Stop Motion, and MOAR!

Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try… Continue reading


This Gargoyles Demona & Goliath Cosplay Will Take You Back

If you remember the ’90s animated show Gargoyles, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this Demona & Goliath cosplay by Ryan Green and Kayla IVY Smith. If you are unfamiliar with the show, get… Continue reading

This Boba Fett Costume Is Amazing

We may have just spotted the best Boba Fett costume since Boba Fett’s costume for The Empire Strikes Back was created. Seriously, the only thing Wes7 needs is a green screen of the… Continue reading

Crazy Good BioShock 2 Little Sister And Big Sister Cosplay

Here we have a Little Sister and Big Sister from the game BioShock 2 done by cosplayer Angela Bermudez. Her costume is the more intricate of the two with all the buckles and… Continue reading

No One Cosplays Like Gaston

When Gaston grew up he ate five dozen eggs every day to help him be the size of a barge. I wouldn’t recommend copying him. Gaston of Beauty and the Beast was never… Continue reading