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1966 TV Series BATCYCLE & SIDECAR 1:12 Scale Hot Wheels In Stores Now!

Our good friend, & ace reporter, “Batmobile Billy” just sent us a picture from his trip to the local Toys-R-Us Store & guess what he saw?! YES! The 1966 TV Series BATCYCLE AND… Continue reading

JEFF is ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER! Vintage Family Photos

The other day I posted a photo of myself ( maybe age 4 or 5? ) wearing a Vintage Batman & Robin T-Shirt. So, sort of in response to that, a Bat-Blog Reader… Continue reading

Profiles In History BATMAN MOVIE PROP & MEMORABILIA – Auction Starts Tonight!

Tonight, in California & online too, the famous Auction Group PROFILES IN HISTORY will be auctioning off a few very desired pieces of Bat-History! The sale includes an original Michael Keaton Batman Full-Costume… Continue reading

ADAM WEST: Family Guy + 1966 Batman = WIN!

Adam West revamped his website & there’s even a few brand-new autographed photos you can buy. One that I thought was pretty cool is this image of him as Mayor West dressed like… Continue reading

The New BATGIRL Comic Book Cover Has a Secret!

While looking at a current issue of the new DC Comics BATGIRL #4 Comic Book I noticed a phrase in a word bubble spoken by a bad guy that sort of haunted me.… Continue reading

Bat-Fan Tribute Video: George Barris’ 1966 TV Batmobile Car!

Here’s a pretty cool Tribute Video from a 60′s Batman TV Show Fan. It’s main focus is on footage of one of the very best Batmobile cars out there, the one designed by… Continue reading

New Video Clips: BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Cartoon with Plastic Man!

This week’s new episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE & THE BOLD will be titled “Long Arm of the Law” & it’s main guest character will be Plastic Man. The story will go something… Continue reading

THE BATMAN in ITALY – Cartoon Network Promo in Italian

OK, I’m probably the only person who thinks this is cool, ha ha! But here are some Italian television channel “Bumpers” for THE BATMAN CARTOON in Italy. They’re short promo video clips announcing… Continue reading

CULVER CITY WALL MURAL: Homage To 1966 Batman TV Series

A Good Citizen named Perry sent this wonderful photo with some very interesting information. The TRADER JOE’S store in Culver City, California, had a mural on its wall that pays homage to the… Continue reading

BATMAN – SUPER FRIENDS Model Sheets by Alex Toth

OK, this is pretty cool! In response to a few SUPER FRIENDS Model Sheets we posted recently another Bat-Blog Fan named Nick sent in some more that he has. These feature the artwork… Continue reading