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Cosplay show

Cosplay show

Cosplay show

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2012 coverage

A Wizard Planet Philly Comic Fraud folded back into the capital of scotland- brotherly like with a brand new pose. A few evening occasion was initially prolonged featuring a single Sneak peek Evening… Continue reading

Bleach: Hinamori Momo

The particular little and unsuspecting lieutenant on the Fifthly division, Hinamori Momo trusts Aizen Sosuke totally, even after their infidelity for you to Spirit Society. Not a soul is aware exactly why Hinamori… Continue reading

Anna Kurauchi Cosplay-Anime Maid Cosplay

Anna Kurauchi likely is the most adorable house maid via funny manga, “He Is My own Master”. The girl with not necessarily the leading figure, nevertheless indeed get a lots of awareness from… Continue reading

Magdalena Indonesian : Nurse-Anime Maid Cosplay

Suster Astuti, this is a title of the figure performed by simply Magdalena, a good looking Indonesian celebrity. The girl appears really cute within the registered nurse outfit, in addition to evidently this… Continue reading

Nurse Nanako Cosplay-Anime Maid Cosplay

Animazement 2012: The photography of Adam Howell

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Rei 13

In “The End of Evangelion”, another Rei acted because main switch behind 3rd Impact, that was initiated following she merged with Lilith. Through Third Impact, a perfect figure regarding Rei was demonstrated for… Continue reading