Seikon no Qwaser: Alexander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Hell and Ekaterina “Katja” Kurae

Due to the woman’s doll-like characteristics along with childish manner, Ekaterina Kurae has a strong adhering to through the undergraduate human body regarding . Mihailov Simple College and is named the ruler. It is actually probably as a result following that this lady has tried to subjugate the woman comrade-in-arms, Sasha, exactly who she had just about beaten if the not one but two Qwasers very first satisfied.Ekaterina is usually hinted to get strong internet connections while using missed Tsar Nicholas II regarding Paris and his awesome loved ones, the last monarch regarding Paris.Brilliant cosplay bahsettiim Japan cosplayers, Kara in addition to Hizuki Yuuki! However have got to claim that the location plus photography is equally outstanding because the cosplayers independently. Thank you to Anthony pertaining to giving this particular inside!

Nikolaevich Hell and Ekaterina