Teaser For ‘Metal Hurlant (aka Heavy Metal) Chronicles’ TV Show

The Heavy Metal comic books and movies have always been known for their display of big guns, big boobs, ultra violence and rock anthems that melt your face off. Would you expect anything less from the upcoming Heavy Metal TV show?

Wait… there’s a Heavy Metal TV show? Yeah, it’s news to me as well. I had no idea this was in the works. I had heard of a possible live action adaptation from David Fincher, but TV series no. Anyway, here’s a bone-crunching new trailer from the French sci-fi fantasy comic Metal Hurlant (aka Heavy Metal) Chronicles.

Meh, South Park’s Heavy Metal episode, Major Boobage , looked better. Regardless, there’s some great action/stunts and fairly decent effects (for a TV series so it’s worth a watch.

The series will be broken up into two 12-episode seasons featuring 30-minute episodes. Some of the actors involved with the series include Rutger Hauer, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Kelly Brook, James Marsters, Joe Flanigan, Michelle Ryan, and David Belle.

Here’s a description of the series:

In the lineage of fantastic series such as Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, Metal Hurlant Chronicles is the adaptation of the world renowned magazine of the same name. Discover the live versions of these exceptional comics by the writers of X MEN , BATMAN , SPIDERMAN , IRON MAN , GI JOE , STAR WARS , SUPERMAN, BLADE etc,… Fitted for the international market, each episode is 26 minutes long an is composed of one story involving Action, Heroic Fantasy, Science Fiction in english, directed by Guillaume LUBRANO.

Source: Live For Films