Looking for a… Better Boyfriend: Jun Wenceslao, Series Creator Enjelia Villanueva, and Yuriel Piaris Madela

looking for a... better boyfriend cosplay - jun wenceslao, enjelia villanueva, and yuriel piaris yupi madela

You’ve all met Jun Wenceslao on a previous entry, so now I’ll introduce another character from the series, Yuriel Piaris “Yupi” Madela as cosplayed by Mary Ann Jocson.

With the way she acts and speaks, you’ll never guess that Yupi was actually a boy. No, he’s not cross-dressing, but he she’s in the same dilemma as our heroine, Jun. She was also transformed into a girl, but unlike Jun, she seems to be enjoying herself and doesn’t act like a boy at all.

I wonder what happened to Yupi that made her act that way? I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next chapters to come out! And the girl between Ershn and Mary Ann? That’s the series creator, Enjelia Villanueva!

On another note, I need to remember to take more photos of the creators with their cosplayers some day.

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