Monthly Archive: October, 2012

‘Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For’ Casting News

Production is finally underway for the long awaited sequel to Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller‘s Sin City Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, began filming on Monday with two actresses familiar with the genre.… Continue reading

Nerd Bastards at Hal-Con 2012

As a writer for this site you might think that I’ve shared in most of the experiences that the other Nerd Bastards crew have taken part in, but that would be a misconception.… Continue reading

Yaoi Con 2012

Yaoi, to use the Japanese definition is Boy’s Love (BL). BL deals with sexual relationship between two males. When I first found out about yaoi, I naturally assume it was for gay men.… Continue reading

‘The Wolverine’: Deets From Web Chat With Jackman and Mangold, New Poster Revealed and 3D Post Conversion Confirmed

I wish it was Wednesday. “Wolverine Tuesday” just doesn’t have that alliteration panache, you know? Anyway, a couple things from The Wolverine hit the blogosphere today. Answers from Monday’s fan Q&A with Hugh… Continue reading

Joss Whedon Endorses Romney and Zombies in 2012

With very little time left before the people of the United States come together and cast their votes for who will be the next president, the candidates are busy warring back and forth.… Continue reading

(Mildly NSFW) ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Red Band Trailer – This Aint Yo Momma’s Fairy Tale

The Red Band trailer for Hanzel and Gretel has hit the Internet and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton star as the title brother… Continue reading

Early Years of Cosplay

 ( source :  / A-kon 2004 ) I tend to spend a lot of time digging around on the internet and I came across this list about the olden days cosplay. Now,… Continue reading

The Psychology of Snow White

Fairy Tale. Princess. Poison Apple. The Seven Dwarfs. Chances are these are the words that spring into your mind when thinking of Snow White. I find that a different set of vocabulary appears… Continue reading

Funny Silly Happy BATMAN Humor Photos

OK, we all need a good laugh every now and then so here’s some funny BATMAN-related Humor photos & Graphics. Hey, it’s silly-happy fun time, enjoy!


We want to thank our best pal & good buddy, Desmond, for sending us this wonderful costume photo showing us who he is gonna be for Halloween this year. Desmond is… BATMAN, THE… Continue reading