Watch This Video To See What It’s Takes To Make High End Cosplay Come To Life

You can try to explain cosplay until you’re blue in the face, but some people don’t get it. They don’t understand why someone would purchase or commission ridiculously expensive costumes and that others spend hours or months fashioning every piece of their costumes to match a video game or movie. If you know any of those confused folks, this is the series to show them.

Project Cosplay follows cosplayer Crystal Graziano as she creates a Venus costume from Metal Gear Solid 2 and pursues her ultimate goal of a career in costume design. In this episode, she shows her handiwork to famous Hollywood costume and makeup artist Steve Wang so she can receive feedback on her design and construction. You’ll get an idea of the insane amount of detail that can go into creating a costume – be it for a contest, for photos, or just for personal satisfaction.

Watch the videos after the break.

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(via Kotaku)