WCS Day 5 & 6 – ‘Ichi Star’ and Osu Kanon

Another exciting day, as we headed off to TV Aichi’s studio so that Lex and Laura could appear on a live TV show! We met in the lobby at 11:30am, together with the teams from USA, Brasil, Indonesia and Germany, and drove to the studio. The show was a mid-afternoon talk show called ‘Tokoton! Ichi Star’ (ichi means “one” in Japanese and the show is broadcast at 1pm).

After a quick rehearsal the girls were live on TV! Myself and the other organisers watched on a screen in the lobby. The presenters asked them what is was they enjoyed most about cosplay and Laura thanked everyone on behalf of the Olympic team. Lex was so cute as March, waving as the camera went by.

The day after was a free day, so we went on a trip around Nagoya with the team from USA. We did some shopping at The Loft (a well-known department store) and ate at a small caf . In the afternoon we travelled to an area called Osu Kanon, to see the famous temple there and try the local taiyaki (fish-shaped bean cakes).

We even bumped into a cute pair of lolitas while we were looking around!

Next day: rehearsals and a concert!

Thank you Chris Gamerevx (official photographer for Team USA) for the Osu Kanon photographs.