WCS Day 7 – Rehearsals and Alice Nine

WCS Day 7 - Rehearsals and Alice Nine

Day 7 was rehearsal day! This was our first chance to check out Oasis 21, the venue where the representatives would be performing in the WCS Championship tomorrow. We made sure to get there early and scout out a good spot so that Lex and Laura would have plenty of room to set up their props. As you can see they were super organised!

While they were setting up, I scouted out the local area. Oasis 21 is an outdoor arena, slap bang in the middle of Nagoya’s biggest shopping centre. That means half the audience (i.e. ticket holders and guests) are in reserved seating in front of the stage, while everyone else watches from the varies balconies and raised walkways around the centre.

Next to the back-stage area there were lots of cute character shops, like the NHK shop. There was also dozens of Gatchapon machines! I had to remind myself I was there to work and not to shop, hehe.

Finally, the rehearsals started – by this time is was nearly midday and was so hot! Even after experiencing the Japanese summer, the rehearsal and some of the teams even started to feel ill from heatstroke. Luckily there was a Macdonalds nearby so we had a steady supply of iced drinks.

Lex and Laura had a chance to rehearse their performance a few times on stage and it went great – you could tell they had been rehearsing a lot and had added lots of extras since the UK selection in February. Since they were on fifth, this gave us a chance to relax and have a sneak peek at the other teams’ performances.

At around 2pm we had to leave for a surprise concert. The five teams who had rehearsed first were selected to appear on stage with a mystery band at an underground concert venue next door. As well as the WCS Championship, there was also a music festival going on at Oasis 21 with a lot of big name bands playing. I took a few sneaky pics once the teams had got changed.

By this time, everyone was getting fed up since all the cosplayers wanted to do was go back to the hotel and practice more. However, it turned out to be much more exciting than we had planned. It turned out that the band was called Alice Nine – one of Laura’s favourite visual kei bands!

All the representatives went on stage in front of huge audience and we got to watch a little bit of the concert from the balcony.

After the concert, the band came to meet the representatives and take some pictures. Laura was like a kid in a candy shop.

After such an eventful afternoon, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest and rehearsals. Tomorrow – Championship final!