A Prosthetic Design That’s More Like a Tentacle Than An Arm

Just like every other piece of medical technology, prosthetic limbs are constantly being examined for improvements. Industrial designer Kaylene Kau came up with a new approach to the design for arms and though it doesn’t look natural upon first glance, it makes sense.

The arms are like tentacles; they can curl around objects and pick them up. It means improved dexterity and grip – at least for bigger items – but it’s easy to see that it also less material than most prosthetic limbs. The motor that controls movements is housed in the upper part and cables travel down to the extremities. This streamlining means fewer parts which means the arm is cheaper to product and maintain. That’s a win for everyone. Plus? It looks neat and functional.

Practical as it seems, it hasn’t caught on yet (Kau’s design is from 2010). It might be too out there for those who have suffered limb loss though since it doesn’t exactly blend in. Perhaps having a prosthetic hand like Luke Skywalker would be more preferable.

See more photos of the arms after the break.

(Core 77 via Oh Gizmo)