Incredible Hockey Jerseys Made Just For Geeks

Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, sports and nerds aren’t generally two things that go together. Or are they? The line of hockey jerseys put out by Geek Jerseys combines the two perfectly and the result is like a tasty peanut butter cup. With bacon. Under a double rainbow. Yeah, they’re that good.

The company started life as Rink Gear, which specializes in custom hockey jerseys, socks, warm-up jackets and all the assorted stuff that hockey players need to play the game. Over time, though, they came to realize that it wasn’t just jocks who liked hockey jerseys and that there were possibilities way beyond real team logos.

This led to the creation of their first geeky hockey jerseys and the newly launched Geeky Jerseys store. There you can find jerseys with imaginary teams that honor Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Captain America and Boba Fett, to name just a few.

These aren’t mass produced, but are instead made in limited quantities with custom details like the name and number of your choosing. They sent me a TARDIS jersey for purposes of this article and I chose to use my last name and the number 42. Yup, totally crossed the streams of two entirely different universes, but the world didn’t explode and the jersey is fantastic.

The designs are partially sublimated (think screen printed) with sewn-on accents like the numbers, shoulder patches and neck crests that really capture the essence of the imaginary teams the shirts represent. The TARDIS, for example, has the tiny little phone box light and the TARDIS’s name spelled out on its patches.

And since these are genuine hockey jerseys, they lace up the front and are sized very generously. The smallest size is still going to run pretty big, especially on women, but they’re hockey jerseys not catsuits so that’s how they look best. The version of the TARDIS that I proudly wear is no longer available but Version 3.0 is making a brief return to their shop from now until December 16th.

There is real quality behind these because they’re, well, real hockey jerseys not just shirts made to look like hockey jerseys. They’re lightweight and breathable and perfect for wearing over shirts or sweatshirts in layers now that the weather is cold. The colors are vibrant and the sewn-on patches really make them stand out.

Since the designs are always limited runs, you can follow them on twitter and on Facebook to keep up with the latest releases and get sneak peeks of designs still in the works.

Product Page ($85-$95)