Vocaloid 3: SeeU 02

vocaloid 3 cosplay - seeu by kipi

Source: E-ShuuShuu!

Na neun kku me ya kku mi ya
I’m a dream
Yeol rin mu ni ya mi ni ya
I’m an open door
Muo deun neo eo bwa
Put anything in

I Fantasy Fantasy

Nal jeul gi ran ma rya
Enjoy me
Neol mat gi ran ma rya
Let me take care of you
Nan I=Fantasy
I’m I=Fantasy

Lyrics and Translation by All About Vocaloid

Another cute Vocaloid cosplay by Kipi! Is it me, or does it seem like Kipi never grows older with each passing year? I’m really envious! Thanks to Mikan for sending this in!

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