Monthly Archive: February, 2013

The Smallest Car In The World Has A Few Minor Engineering Problems

Tiny cars are widely seen, to some degree, as the vehicle of the future. MIT is actively developing Hiriko, a “city car” that fits one person and folds up when not in use,… Continue reading

Go Go Megaforce! Power Rangers Megaforce Review

I remember attending one of the Sentai (Japanese for task force) stunt shows at the Tokyo Dome G-Rosso a while ago. The name of the Sentai Series was called Goseiger. I was so… Continue reading

Skeletor, He-Man and Voltron Crest Baseball Caps

These 100% cotton New Era caps feature family crests from some of your favorite old-school cartoons. Each has a flat bill and a snapback closure. You can go evil with Skeletor or choose… Continue reading

LOTR vs. Firefly: $10 Tees Today Only! [Deals]

Are you a bigger fan of Firefly than LOTR? Perhaps it’s the other way around? Either way, you should be satisfied with this deal as both shirts are only $10 each if you… Continue reading

Another “Major Character” From the Comics Joining ‘Walking Dead’, Plus Three New Mid-Season Premiere Images

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday to AMC, and with the cliffhanger we got before the show took its winter hiatus we’re frothing at the mouth for its return. Showrunner Glen Mazzara, who’s… Continue reading

Chris Pine Hopes J.J. Abrams Can Star Trek and Star War at the Same Time

Now that the dust has finally settled after Disney’s shocking revelation that the dude that brought back Star Trek would be doing the same for Star Wars in Episode VII, now that we… Continue reading

Mind Blowing Star Trek Borg Cube Wedding Cake

If ever the daytime possibly can come that I attempt to marry, Choice back then we choose cherished ritual in the form of regular Klingon big event enjoy Judzia Dax and Worf acquired… Continue reading

Amazing Batman Birthday Cake

As a general children, I savored observing your cartoon Batman cartoons which would normally always be for in your days lake ended with the help of university during the day despite the fact… Continue reading

Media blames Batman and cosplay for the behavior of a Mad Man

On Friday July, 20th the world woke up to the news that a crazed gun man walked into a midnight screening of the Warner Brothers film “Dark Knight Rises” and opened fire. Like… Continue reading

Dark Knight Rises Prologue Review

I love viral marketing. I especially love viral marketing when it’s attached to a new Batman project. A good friend of mine was one of the first 100 people to beat the Arkham… Continue reading