NEW BATMAN TOYS – Hot Wheels Classic TV Series 1966 Batmobile

If you have been reading the BAT-BLOG for awhile then you know we have this good friend named BATMOBILLY who is one of our Ace Bat-Reporters! This guy is a very serious Batman Toy Collector who’s main focus is the famous Batmobile! Well, he told me the other night that he has been spotting this new Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile on eBay so we should all expect to see these in stores either right now or very soon. This is a different version of the car with a clear windshield & a few other new tweeks.

Now, we did a post a few days ago about this car and the packaging is totally different. So, Mattel is not only making re-issues of this car but there are also variations on the packaging, argghh, really? To read that and see the other pic, just CLICK HERE!