Go Go Megaforce! Power Rangers Megaforce Review

I remember attending one of the Sentai (Japanese for task force) stunt shows at the Tokyo Dome G-Rosso a while ago. The name of the Sentai Series was called Goseiger. I was so close to the sixth Sentai character Gosei Knight that I could bro fist him. It was the best experience I ever had with Sentai or Super Sentai which is known in America as Power Rangers since 1993. For those unfamiliar, the Sentai concept is five young heroes who fight monsters who threaten the Earth, wearing colorful costumes and striking poses that for some odd reason result in explosions in the background. When the main villain of each episode grows giant size the Sentai heroes summon giant mechas that merge together to form one giant robot to fight the giant monster. For twenty years, Saban Entertainment has used footage from these Japanese TV shows to create the show we know as Power Rangers. This year marks the twentieth anniversary with a new incarnation called Power Rangers Megaforce.

This time they are using footage from the Goseiger, the 34th Sentai Series. When Earth is threaten yet again by evil space aliens, this time called the War Star, the mystic protector of Earth Gosei who was mentored by Zordon with his robot assistant Tensou select five teenagers with attitude. I wonder why this sounds familiar. Meet Troy, the Red Ranger Dragon. He is the new kid in school who for some reason falls asleep on the bus with the strange dream of an army of Power Rangers fighting foot soldiers of aliens. Noah, the Blue Ranger Shark. He is the genius of the team or as I would like to call him Billy. Also what in the world happened to Noah’s glasses during the morphing sequence?

Gia, the Yellow Ranger Tiger. She is little Miss Perfect and arguably the hottest girl in school (Though honestly I say Emma the Pink Ranger is the hotter one.). Jake, the Black Ranger Snake (yes, yes, Jake the snake. Get it all out of your system), who is athletic and has a penchant for carrying a soccer ball around with a huge crush on Gia. Then there is Emma the Pink Ranger Phoenix, a lover of nature and best friend of Gia. The main characters are set in high school which is the first in a long time (about 8 years).

The theme song is point blank unoriginal. It is just replacing the words from the Power Rangers Samurai series theme song with Megaforce. It’s as if the folks of Saban Brands did not even try to come up with something different. The entire episode had A LOT of similarities to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first episode “Day of the Dumpster” back in 1993. Even the lines spoken by the five kids chosen to be rangers were similar to some of the lines spoken by the original Power Rangers, such as Noah saying how lucky they were in the battle with the War Star to Emma complaining about how her hair get’s tangled in her helmet. Then there is the scene at the juice bar where the guy behind the bar is named Ernie. Ernie of all people. That is the same name as Ernie from the first Power rangers series.

This new team seems to be more into jumping into saving the world which is different than the original team who seemed more reluctant to become rangers. Hopefully the villains will be developed more throughout the series. Seeing as though this is the twentieth anniversary it is obviously a tribute to the original power ranger’s series. I will stick it out with this series seeing as this will be at least 20 episodes long for the first season. The second season has been rumored to be called Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Power Rangers Megaforce airs every Saturday at 1pm and repeats every Sunday at 8am on Nickelodeon.