Chocolate and Green Tea Dessert Preview!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it? I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season! As for me, I’ve been wondering what I should write about next. Seeing as it’s February, I’m thinking about chocolate. Last month I was thinking green tea and right at this moment I’m thinking of a yummy dessert combining both green tea and chocolate! Ok, truth be told, for all of last month, I was thinking about different kind of desserts or even main dishes to make with green tea. It’s such a versatile food that I think if you stretch out your imagination anything is possible really. I was even thinking of making a chicken dish, marinating the chicken with green tea and other spices. I doubt this obsession with green tea is gonna go away anytime soon.

In regards to chocolate, as you may or may not know, I live in New York. I love it here and any chance that I get, I’m on the search for new and exciting places to eat, shops, etc. My mom jokes around that I have an uncanny habit for finding new places. A few days ago, I was talking to my sister and I was retelling her a visit to this little chocolate shop near the Brooklyn Bridge. It was in some kind of indoor shopping center of some sort. This place had all sorts of different chocolates. But the thing I fell in love with was the hot chocolate drink. It completely blows away the kind that you get at a supermarket. It was thick and bitter sweet and you couldn’t let it sit around for long, otherwise it would harden and no longer be drinkable.

Now, I’d give you the name and address of this magical place, but at the moment I don’t have it. I vaguely remember that it was around Water Street.. Brooklyn Bridge… near Adam Street. But don’t be too sad! I’m going to go out and check the area again. Once I find it, if it’s still there, I will let you know about it. Also before end of the month I’ll post up a mini recipe for a Green Tea and Chocolate Dessert.