Monthly Archive: May, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4: Hanamura Yousuke, Seta Souji, and Shirogane Naoto

Just after Seta Souji’s arrival in Inaba, a TV announcer was found dead hanging among a television antenna. Later, the high school student who made the discovery, Konishi Saki, was also found dead… Continue reading

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Noctis Lucis Caelum 04

In a video footage that first aired in the Tokyo Game Show, Noctis had a short conversation with Stella seeing a form of “light” that no one else could see. Stella then spoke… Continue reading

MPD Psycho: Kobayashi Yosuke

When Detective Kobayashi Yosuke was assigned to the case of a serial killer who dismembered his victims, he never thought his own girlfriend would later become one of the victims. She was said… Continue reading

Air Gear: Noyamano Shiraume

Known as “Ume” to her family, Noyamo Shiraume is the youngest among her sisters and supposedly the weakest member of Sleeping Forest in terms of AT fighting skills. However, as a gravity child,… Continue reading

Shuffle!: Lisianthus

The daughter of the King of Gods, Lisianthus came to the human world as a possible marriage candidate for Tsuchimi Rin. She is boastful, energetic, and highly optimistic with excellent cooking skills. Although… Continue reading

Naruto: Otogakure Ninja and Nara Shikamaru

Nara Shikamaru is a ninja known for his sense of apathy, as he forfeited his match to Temari due to his low chakra level. Despite this loss, he is the only ninja among… Continue reading

The Five Star Stories and Ah! Megami-Sama! Cast

I wanted to write something witty about this epic cast of cosplayers, but I don’t think any article will be able to give this photo proper justice! …at least, that’s what I want… Continue reading

Touhou Project: Kirisame Marisa 02

Making her first appearance in the second game “Story of the Eastern Wonderland” as an enemy, Kirisame Marisa is a human magician who lives in a cluttered house in the Forest of Magic.… Continue reading

Yu Yu Hakusho: Youko Kurama 04

During the Dark Tournament, Kurama was temporarily reverted back to his original form: a Youko or “Demon Fox” who has silver hair, fox ears, and tail. Youko’s powers are far greater than Kurama’s… Continue reading

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Mahad

One of the priests who served Pharaoh Atem, Mahad is the original wielder of the Millennium Ring. In order to defeat the Thief King Bakura, he sacrificed his life and fused his Ba… Continue reading