The Five Star Stories and Ah! Megami-Sama! Cast

the five star stories and ah! megami-sama! cast of characters

I wanted to write something witty about this epic cast of cosplayers, but I don’t think any article will be able to give this photo proper justice!

…at least, that’s what I want to say, and it’s really half-true! But as for the other half… well, I don’t know a thing about the Five Star Stories! I only know this is such a beautiful set of cosplayers, and that I had to feature it!

Can anyone name all the characters in this photo? I know Skuld, Belldandy, and Urd, but none else!

EDIT: Syaza has pointed out a few of the characters from Five Star Stories:

Back row from left to right: unknown, Alecto, unknown, Candana(orange), Machi(blue?)

Front row from left to right: Violet Tryton, Lachesis

Is she right? Let me know and help me identify the rest of the cast if you’re familiar with the series. Thanks guys!

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