Could Temporary Electronic Tattoos Give Us Telepathic and Telekinetic Powers?

Would you believe that it is possible to produce temporary electric tattoos which help humans fly drones with their minds? Charles Q. Choi breaks it down with electrical engineer Todd Coleman of the University of California at San Diego.

Coleman is working on noninvasive techniques of controlling machines with our minds and the end goal is for everyone to use them. One method involves using a temporary tattoo of sorts.

“We want something we can use in the coffee shop to have fun,” Coleman says.

The devices are less than 100 microns thick, the average diameter of a human hair. They consist of circuitry embedded in a layer or rubbery polyester that allow them to stretch, bend and wrinkle. They are barely visible when placed on skin, making them easy to conceal from others.

The devices can detect electrical signals linked with brain waves, and incorporate solar cells for power and antennas that allow them to communicate wirelessly or receive energy. Other elements can be added as well, like thermal sensors to monitor skin temperature and light detectors to analyze blood oxygen levels.

It sounds like it’s right out of a science fiction novel. Extensive testing and research still has to be done, but everyday use of these devices might not be too far away.

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(Txchnologist via io9)