THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – Batman Toys and Movie Merchandise From BRAZIL!!

OK, Anyone who has been following the BAT-BLOG.COM for the last few years ( or days ) knows that I am totally crazy for “Foreign Batman” Products and Toys, ha! As a Serious Batman Collector this stuff just always looks so cool & it’s actually very hard to find. So, you can just imagine how excited I was to hear from a Friend in Brazil who recently bought a bunch of cool stuff. His name is Marcio & he was kind enough to share these great photos! ( Be sure to click on them for larger pics )
In the 1st pic Marcio concentrated on some Batman Board Games and Boxed Jigsaw Puzzles he bought. Of course these are all related to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. I totally love the graphics on these, especially the 2 LARGE Board Game Boxes.
Then, speaking of the film, the 2nd pic shows some goodies he got at his local Brazilian Cinema. Yes! In the beautiful Country of Brazil their IMAX Movie Theaters had some neat promo tie-ins! Shown here are some of the Drinking Cups, Popcorn Buckets ( I love those ), Water Bottle, Paper Bags, and even a Baseball Cap/Hat!
A special THANK YOU goes out to MARCIO for sharing this, it’s GREAT!
Plus, as a side-note, he did take some other pics of more Bat-Merchandise which we plan to post in the near future. So keep an eye out for that too!!