Brand-New BATMAN TOYS You Can Find in Stores Now!

This post is an amazing assortment of reader-submitted photos showing a few brand-new BATMAN items available in stores right now. This is some cool stuff so check it out!

The 1st two pics are from our friend Christopher. He recently grabbed these 2 new Batman Toys on a recent shopping trip. First is a Fisher-Price BATMAN Voice-Comm Heroworld DC Super Friends Figure. Yes, he says a bunch of different phrases & also interacts with other characters in the toy line. Then, he found this cool Fisher-Price DC SUPER FRIENDS 7-Figure Pack Gift Set that is a Store Exclusive for Target. It’s got Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Batman, Robin, and even the Joker!

Next up, Here’s a new Batman Vehicle Toy ( or toys ) that, until somebody sent me a photo, I had actually never seen before. Which is very strange because I’m usually ALL about the new merchandise & know about it very early on. I guess Mattel is cranking out so much stuff these days that it’s impossible to stay on top of it, ha! Anyways, Our Friend Frank bought these new Hot Wheels at his local Toys R Us. They are called, “BALLISTIKS” and there is one of Batman and one of Bane. The artwork is pretty unique. I love the design of the packaging but I gotta say that the actual toy cars are kinda weird, ha!

OK, the last 2 pictures are not “Toys” but are some really cool Wal-Mart Store Displays seen by our Buddy BatDave. They’re for the DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. One is the “Advertising Sign” thing you see when walking into the store ( great graphics! ). The 2nd one shows a cool Batman Cardboard-Shelf thing they have in the “Book Store” section. Wow, that would actually be kinda neat to have for displaying Bat-Books ( Yes, as if I ONLY had the space, ha! ).