Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Leak questions geth role in Citadel battle

From: Alliance News Network Information PartnersAugust 24, 2186Leak questions geth role in Citadel battleBy Amita QasidVANCOUVER, EARTH – A leaked report has cast doubt on key facts in the Battle of the Citadel,… Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 Achievements / Trophies

London’s burning… Mass Effect 3 Achievements / TrophiesKeen Mass Effect fans might want to have a look at this list of Achievements and Trophies that are available to be sought out and earned… Continue reading

Tell your friends we’re coming for them

Femshep has had a remodel (did you vote?) for ME3. Here’s what I think is the first ever Mass Effect trailer to feature the female version of Commander Sheppard. What do you think… Continue reading

Play ME3 on Facebook…. get an avatar code

Play ME3 on Facebook…. get an avatar code. Too late all codes gone. WTF. Stink. Ow. Oh well, the demonstration is out for xbox tm! (14th). This cities got big reapers I like… Continue reading

The Hills Are Alive With the Sounds of (Halo 4) Music

The Hills Are Alive With the Sounds of (Halo 4) MusicAs borrowed from the Halo Bulletin on WaypointIn designing a video game, its audio is, of course, one of the things that contribute… Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 Voice Commands Guide

You probably already know that Mass Effect 3 features voice commands when Kinect is used within the game. Here’s a sweet guide that will help you remember what to shout out when you’re… Continue reading

Gears’ Forces of Nature DLC hits March 27

Gears of War’s Forces of Nature DLC hits the XBL on March 27. It’s the final DLC that forms part of the season pass that allowed buyers to get all the DLC, including… Continue reading

Should prequels for trilogies be made?

Should prequels for trilogies be made? Are they a cash grab or valid forms of gaming? It seems inevitable given the success of Gears of War 3 that there will be another game… Continue reading

Masses of ME3 Concept Art

ME3 is out and looks damn pretty. How did it get so pretty? In part, awesome design work so here’s some concept art for Mass Effect – I have no idea who drew… Continue reading

Nobody give Christina Norman a gun

Christina Norman worked for BioWare on the Mass Effect series. She’s apparently with with a company I’ve never heard of these days.. At the Game Developers Conference was talking about release day DLC… Continue reading