Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Xbox to have an internet browser?

So word on the street, and it’s a rumour filled street, is that FINALLY the Xbox 360 will actually have the utility of an internet browser! Here’s the words from The Verge: “Internet… Continue reading

Is this Halo 4’s box cover art?

Is this Halo 4’s box cover art? It might just be if you think the peeps at Neogaf have got anything to do with it…. regardless the picture is some pretty cool halo… Continue reading

8 questions I want answered by the ME3 DLC

Because I can The announcement of the Mass Effect DLC is sure to be soon and like every gaming fan out there, I’ve said my two cents on the game’s ending. Here’s what… Continue reading

Gambling on the Yahg

Here’s an interview I stole from the Bioware Blog with a producer for ME3 and the DLC. So I guess we can blame him if it sucks. I hope he’s read my DLC… Continue reading

The BFG of DOOM 3 is ressurected

Doom 3 has had a bit of a rework, redux, revamp or whatever you wanna call it and will be known as the BFG Edition. Big Fucking Game, Big Fucking Gun? Who knows….… Continue reading

New leaked Halo 4 Images?

Italian Halo fan site Halolessons reckons they got their hands on some pictures from the secret, internal, invite only beta for Halo 4. This beta was secret that even Tom Morello hasn’t leaked… Continue reading


OK, while watching BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Animated Movie the other night (again!) I had a really great idea. Well, it could also be a very dumb idea too but here we… Continue reading


Awesome! Check it out, our good friend Ruben just got some cool bat-ink done. Yes, he got a HUGE Batman Tattoo on his upper arm. Thanks for sharing the photo Ruben, this tattoo… Continue reading

“BOOM! Blue And Orange!” The Entire PS4 Event Summarized In Under Four Minutes

Nathan did a very excellent roundup of last night’s PS4 press conference to save us all some time. Now we also have an even shorter summary, with a dash of cheeky British wit… Continue reading

‘District 9′ Director Already At Work On SF Comedy ‘Chappie’

Neill Blomkamp has not been screwing around since District 9 was a surprise hit. Coming in August is his next SF movie, Elysium, and after that he’s… apparently going to make a much… Continue reading