Sources Say: New X-Box in the New Year!

Hot on the heels of the recently released Wii U, Nintendo’s next generation console gaming platform, comes news that the next iteration of X-Box is on its way in the next year, according to Bloomberg News.

Sources inside, or close to, Microsoft are saying that the company is looking to a potential release date of next Thanksgiving (American, not Canadian) in order to take maximum advantage of the holiday sales period. The company is also debating right now the best way to unveil the new system, the choice being a big reveal at an industry event like E3 or a dedicated event organized by Microsoft. An official statement from Microsoft was not made when asked about the rumor.

Wii U was released a few weeks ago and sold more than 400,000 units in its first seven days of release, while the original Wii sold another 300,000 over the busy Thanksgiving week sales period. But X-Box 360 remains the industry leader, selling 750,000 units over the same period allowing Microsoft to remain the best-seller for 22 straight months.

Still no world yet on a release date for the next generation of Playstation. {tumbleweed}

More news will appear here as it develops.

Source: Business Insider