Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Lockhart 04

final fantasy vii cosplay - tifa lockhart 4 by frankiki

Tifa Lockhart’s character was developed to use the “Martial Artist” character class that appeared in previous games in the Final Fantasy series. Nomura Tetsuya described Tifa to have several dimensions, calling her “like a mother, a sweetheart, and a close ally in battle” and “remarkably strong, not only emotionally, but physically as well”.

Nomura initially had difficulty deciding whether to give her a mini-skirt or long pants, so he passed his sketches around Square’s offices and the majority approved of the mini-skirt design.

Does this mean most of the people who work in Square are guys? Then again, I like the mini-skirt design too and I’m a girl! Hee!

Awesome Tifa cosplay by Frankiki though! And thanks to Andrew for sending this!

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