Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Epic is taking a very casual approach to Gears

Gears cosplayers bring it! During the weekends recent Gears of War 3 Panel at the San Diego Comic Con, Cliff Bleszinksi let slip that GOW3 is to have a ‘casual mode’ for the… Continue reading

Ironman’s Ironettes take off like a rocket

Ironman and the Ironettes The Japanese have a lot to answer for. But we’ll let everything slide because the Japan 2011 Comic Con has given us this wonderful dance demonstration by the Iron… Continue reading

Enter To Win a Doctor Who Robe And a Sonic Screwdriver From! [Reminder]

Just a quick reminder that Fashionably Geek has teamed up with to offer readers the chance to win some awesome Doctor Who gear! One winner will receive: Their choice between a 4th… Continue reading

Wedge Antilles Wouldn’t Wear These Star Wars Wedge Heels, But You Should

The tricky thing about covering heels in comic book images is that there isn’t tons of room. That’s not the case when you use wedge heels though! Etsy seller Decko Fab uses the… Continue reading

This Batman Lip Balm Comes With Its Own Cape

Keep your lips smooth with this vanilla Batman lip balm. It’s got the Bat Symbol on the container and even has a handy cape attached to the tube, just in case your lip… Continue reading

Stay Cool In This Unicorn Yin-Yang Tank Dress

You’ll feel cool and look fantastic in this 100% cotton unicorn tank dress. It’s decorated with a unicorn yin yang pattern amid a field of stars and is just what you need for… Continue reading

This Is What It’s Like When a RPG Comes To Life [Video]

There’s roleplaying and then there’s LARPing. If you want to fully immerse yourself in a fantasy or medieval setting, going for the gold with costumes and full contact battle is living the dream.… Continue reading

This Art Proves Gina Torres Would Be a Perfect Wonder Woman

One day our patience will be rewarded, and we’ll get a fantastic Wonder Woman movie. It may not happen soon, but I believe it’s on the horizon. My hope is that an actress… Continue reading

Touhou Project: Remilia Scarlet

Owner and head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia is well known as the “Scarlet Devil” all throughout Gensokyo. She is the mistress of Izayoi Sakuya and Hong Meiling and the older sister… Continue reading

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Houjou Satoko

This girl I’m pretty sure I’ve seen somewhere before. Maybe not the cosplayer, but definitely the character, but I can’t seem to think of which series she belongs to at the moment. Guess… Continue reading