More SyFy Goodness! ‘Ghost Shark’ Combines Sharks and Dead Things

ghost shark

The last few weeks have taken SyFy Original movies, a class of film normally discussed only in “so bad it’s good” terms, and launched them into Internet stardom. Sharknado was such a media blitz (despite its poor ratings) that I guess SyFy decided they need even more shark films. This one, however, does not involve a natural disaster, but is instead designed to appeal to lovers of both sharks and the supernatural. That’s right, it’s a shark AND it’s a freakin’ ghost – it is Ghost Shark.

Since the people will be going to the sharks this time, we can expect the latest SyFy Original to feature one of our favorite B-movie elements – plenty of women in bikinis – along with the prerequisite amount of screaming teenagers, incompetent law enforcement and bloody limbs a-flyin’.

Check out the trailer for the flick below:

Ah yes, the big rubber shark puppet at the end says it all. Prepare yourself for more wacky SyFy Original goodness come next month, on August 22nd.

Thanks to /film for the heads-up.