Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Buy the Reach Wireless Controller from Amazon

Let’s Buy It!Microsoft’s mouthpiece Major Nelson tweeted to remind everyone Amazon pre-order links for the Wireless Reach Controller and the Wireless Reach Headse . Both these items are out on August 17 just… Continue reading

The Ultimate Buy Halo Reach Stuff Page!!

Pre order your copy of Halo: Reach online with Amazon. It’s simple as – clicking on this link and buying it. Of course you are only buying Reach early, not getting it early!… Continue reading

Reach screen shots for wallpaper

Here’s some cool Reach screen shots – good for wallpaper Jorge is gonna be a fan favourite, I’m sure! Source

There’s hawt chicks in Halo…

Today Halo Reach Game News brings you a wee article with Marcus Lehto. He like, ahhh made Halo all by himself. Kinda. Not really…. Q: You’ve got more women in the game. Was… Continue reading

A cave of Spartans

Look! Noble team are pussies! Hiding in a cave! Or not….

The Covenant Are Coming!

Go on, play the viral thing that has the Canadian Halo fans in a tizz….


Urk writes in the Bungie weekly update, “This week Microsoft delivered what will be the last live action trailer for Halo: Reach . Meant to capture the bravery and sacrifice of our Spartans… Continue reading

Halo Reach Soundtrack

As you would expect, given how hungry Halo fan’s are for Marty and Matt’s music, Halo Reach has it’s own sound track available for sale on Amazon . Amusingly Amazon’s product description says;… Continue reading

Seattle Halo Reach Launch Event

The last update….

In the last Bungie Weekly Update before the release of Halo: Reach, Bungie had this to say: “Dearest Fans – After years of waiting, Reach is finally nearly upon us. Some of you… Continue reading