THE LEAGUE OF BATMEN – Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Oh man, I almost forgot to post some brand-new BATMAN WALLPAPERS for the Bat-Blog’s “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday”, Ha Ha! But just in time I pulled my head out, so here we go! Now these 2 special backgrounds need a little explaining:

OK, We have a friend over at Facebook, named Keith, who kindly asked for a wallpaper Design based on “The League of Batmen”. It was a very strange request, ha! By strange I mean that finding some graphics to use was gonna be extremely difficult. You see, “The League of Batmen” is an extremely obscure 2-Part Set of Batman Comic Books from 2001. They were a story line from the “Elseworlds” realm, meaning, they’re not a part of actual continuity and really more fantasy driven. But hey, we like a challenge… every now & then! I could not really find any decent graphics for this except 2 pages from the actual comics. So, this is what these are. Overall, I think they work pretty good as backgrounds. OK Keith, I hope you like these, at least one of them, ha!

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