Top Ten Things I don’t Want to See or Hear in Reach

To celebrate the 201st post on Halo Reach Game News, here’s what I don’t want to hear or see in Reach.
Top Ten Things I don’t Want to See or Hear in Reach
A Brute peeing in a corridor – I’m 32, not 12 Bungie.

Soldiers with Australian accents – why not some Kiwi?!

Poorly drawn faces on major characters.

Complaints about the Sniper rifle being slowed down – it’s called balance people!

An ambiguous ending – Halo 2 cliff-hanger ending any one?

A legendary ending cut scene that is also ambiguous – none of this, is that a Forerunner planet? Why is the Marathon logo there? Crap. To paraphrase Tom Cruise, I want answers!

Unrealistic Gamer Achievement Points. I’m fearing a GOW2 ‘Seriously?’ quest to kill a 7 gabillion keg grunts. Or at least achievements that require 4 people with Iron skull on. Fuck that Bungie, fuck that.

References to other games, culture nods or whatever. Keep it in the Universe! (Easter eggs allowed of course!)

“We fell in love playing Reach multiplayer and he proposed during a game!” style stories. Dammit Dude, focus on the game, not the player!

Last but not least, I don’t ever want to hear a 13 year whine “You stole my kill!”

Whaddaya reckon cobber? Wann-another shrimp off the barbie? Did ya see the League last night? Flip!

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