Relax Trooper, Mulitplayer were maps made first, then added into Reach Campaign

When the Power House map was announced at X10, Bungie let slip it was taken from the game, and in fact all the multiplayer maps were of that ilk. Cue the wrath of fan boys, all over the Haloverse.

Bungie have wisely addressed the issue in today’s weekly up date. Notes Urk (who’s fast became way more entertaining as Lukems):

“Like we noted last week, the process was a bit different this time around. The multiplayer spaces were still constructed separately by a team of trained multiplayer experts, but as each arena came online they were subsequently passed over to the campaign team and injected into the game in progress as small portions of much larger campaign missions (which should explain the information coming out of X10 last week).”
There you have it, maps were made first, then added to the campaign. Ha! We see what you did there Bungie.

“So, if you were worried that multiplayer would suffer from the reuse of campaign ideas and architecture designed for that explicit purpose, you can rest easy. If you were worried that you’d be spending the majority of your campaign play-through in multiplayer-inspired spaces, you can rest easy on that front, too. Not happening.”

This image has no relevance to this post, I just like it, K?
Bungie went on to be even more equivocal about the issue.
“Absolutely no sacrifices were made as to the quality of the multiplayer maps for Reach. In addition, the visual experience of each map is now equal to campaign, as they received crazy amounts of polish to makes them ‘super sweet.’
I say, to paraphrase Marcus Fenix, “Bring it!” Ok, I accept that I did not actually paraphrase at all and simply said the quote. Who’s quibbling? You got over the maps issue right?