Please Help With Finding BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES Artwork For Tattoo

I recently got an email from a Bat-Blog Fan who said that he wants to get a Batman Tattoo in the “Animated Series” Art Style ( Awesome! ). He plans on having Batman & another Villain. His 2 choices for the bad guy are either The Riddler or Mr. Freeze. He said that his main problem is trying to find some decent graphics to use. He’s done a Google “Image Search” & came up with nothing. I tried too & was surprised by how little there was online. So, this post is to ask Bat-Blog Readers out there if YOU have any decent pics, or ideas where to find them, then please shoot us an email. Now, my idea is for him to hit a Comic Book Store & dig through the back issues. There were a few different titles that had the “animated series” characters. The graphic up above is an example. I think if he dug into a few of these books he could find some comic panels that have awesome graphics.