Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Nicole’s Totally Bad-Ass JOKER & HARLEY QUINN Tattoo Art Photos!

Check out these awesome Batman-related Tattoos. These pics were sent to us by our Facebook Friend Nicole & they’re really great! It looks like she got some ink done of The Joker &… Continue reading

Video – BATMAN ARKHAM CITY – E3 2011 IGN Game Play LIVE Commentary

IGN sits down to play the new video game BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY in this demo straight from the E3 2011 Live Stage. Oh Man, the graphics look AWESOME!!

Halo Reach Logo in Forge

Halo 3 gave Halo fans everything. A chance to Finish the Fight, the best multiplayer possible, the ability to take pictures of the games and The Forge Factor. What happens when you combine… Continue reading

About Halo Reach Game News

WTF? is all this marlarky? This is no waypoint, this is the Halo Reach Game News site. I love Halo and so do you. It’s a Badge of Honour halo fans share. Until… Continue reading

Who is Catherine Halsey? Is she the Master Chief’s Mother?

Well, given what happened to the Master Chief, she may as well be his mother! Within the Halo universe, Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey is a civilian scientist in the United Nations Space Command.… Continue reading

Will Halo Reach have Natal?

Will Halo Reach have Natal?Bungie Studios Boss, Harold Ryan said that:“I absolutely think Reach could be enabled with it.” That’s not exactly a yes and not exactly a no is it? If Halo:… Continue reading

What is the Halo Encyclopedia?

Aren’t encyclopedias extinct because they are redundant in the internet age? I’m mean you don’t see any salesmen wandering streets trying to sign young mothers up to monthly subcriptions of Britannica’s A-Z of… Continue reading

How to set your Gmail Theme to look like Planet Reach

So like Google’s fantastic Gmail has background themes you can use to make your Gmail Email experience like totally awesome in Full Halo Glory (TM). For those so inclined, one can change the… Continue reading

Sharknado Hair Is All The Rage

(@grantimahara via Pleated Jeans)

Two Kaiju-Themed Shirts On Sale For $11 Today Only! [Deals]

We featured the Kaiju Hunter shirt last week at it’s full price of $26.99, but Pacific Rim fans can get it today for only $11! There’s also a Pacific Breach Kaiju t-shirt on… Continue reading