Black Lagoon: Revy

black lagoon cosplay - revy

Contrary to popular belief (including Havel’s blog where this image was originally found), this is not Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, but rather, she is Revy from Black Lagoon. Although the two characters are quite similar to each other, the give away hint is the tattoo on her arm.

Just like Lara, Revy is quite a proficient warrior, but she is rather strong willed, using whatever means necessary to have her way. She is a murderess, and a thief and uses a lot of foul language; one could even say she has no conscience. Because her weapons of choice are her twin modified Beretta 92F’s, she is nicknamed “Two-Hands” by the people of Roanapur.

This is an absolutely awesome cosplay! Who wouldn’t want abs like that? Thanks for sharing this, Havel!

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