Assassins Creed III 3 Cosplay Costume Connor Kenway Hoodie Casual Coat Jacket,x-large

  • Trademarked by “Fashion Trends’,Please only order from FASHION SHOP. Other sellers are offering counterfeit poor quality knock-off.
  • Chest of the jacket: 110CM
  • Sleeves Length of the jacket: 63CM
  • Shoulder Width of the jacket: 48CM
  • Jacket Length: 72CM

We unfortunately found some BAD SELLERS ARE offering counterfeit poor quality knock-off of this item, what their products must be made in poor quality, because they don’t have the detailed information of this design. They products will ruin the reputation of this wonderful product. So please only order it from FASHION SHOP to avoid disappointment.

This jacket is made of Cotton fleece. This version is designed for spring and autumn wearing, so the fabric is a little thin. Currently, we only have the light gray color in stock.We may design it in more colors.There is a beautiful eagle embroidery on this hoodie and a ACR logo on the chest part. It is really very amazing. It will be a regret if you can’t have one of this.

Important Notice
However, please note the jacket is made in Asian sizing, which is smaller than USA sizing standard.Below part will show you the detailed sizing of X-Large Size.If you are not sure which size can’t fit you, please contact us for help.The following measurements are from the X-Large sized jacket itself.
Chest: 110CM
Sleeves Length: 63CM
Shoulder Width: 48CM
Jacket Length: 72CM

Return is only acceptable with 14 days after delivery.

Price: $72.99