What’s The Fox Say? The Most Informative Music Video Ever Has The Answer.

The Fox comedy music video from Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis

Please enjoy (or at least stare confusedly at) this music video, “The Fox”, from the Norwegian talk show I kveld med YLVIS. It answers the question, “What would happen if you made a schmaltzy pop song with high production values then devolved into silly animal sounds?” Nobody asked the question, but they answered it anyway.

Sketch group Ylvis is the brothers B rd and Vegard Ylvis ker, who have been making surreal and funny stuff like this for the past 13 years. (Sidenote: “B rd Ylvis ker” is the Norwegianist name that’s ever Norwegianed.) Once in a while, something they make starts going viral outside Norway, like their “voice controlled elevator” pranks. This absurd video seems poised to be a crossover hit. The top YouTube comment is, “Play this at my funeral” and we’re inclined to agree.

(H/T: Pleated Jeans)