Moffat to Whovians, “You Know Nothing About The Doctor.”


All Jon Snow and Game of Thrones references aside, The Moff’s got a point. What we know about The Doctor is very small. All we can definitively state about him is he’s a Time Lord from Gallifrey. He has two hearts, travels in a Type 40 Tardis, and has gone on many, many adventures. And for a man as beloved and trusted as The Doctor that leaves room for a lot of surprises. Like his recently revealed other identity portrayed by John Hurt. Who the hell saw that coming!?

Speaking with Crave, Steven Moffat addressed the fact we know so very little about The Doctor,

We’ve sort of got to the point, especially if you’re a fan, you sort of think you’ve made a list and you’ve got everything. And you look at it and think okay, you think you know everything about the Doctor? What’s his name? Who is he married to? Who were his children? Did he have any other grandchildren? What was his job? You know nothing about the Doctor… So occasionally we have to remind the audience.

He could be lying to you. He is so reticent on information, he hasn’t introduced himself in 50 years. So I had that idea [of Hurt’s Doctor] kicking around for a while to shock everybody and say this man, who is defined by the secrets he keeps, has got a big one

I pride myself on being able to rattle off all the actors who’ve played The Doctor, it’s a great party trick. Also I’m an insufferable know-it-all who likes to show off. And now I’ve got another one to add in the mix!?


If you’re going to introduce a new Doctor from his past, it’s got to be a screen legend. Whoever turns around, you’ve got to go, ‘Wow! That’s amazing that they’re the Doctor!’ It can’t just be some bloke.

At least there’s that. No one should have too much trouble remembering John Hurt. It’s John Hurt, cinema fuckin’ icon.

What do you think will be the story of John Hurt’s Doctor? Do we really know nothing about The Doctor? And in related news, what do you think of these rumors we’ll see Paul McGann’s regeneration into John Hurt?

Source: Doctor Who TV