Bane Costume Bane Mask with Voice Changer Bronze New Version 3, Christmas Gift

  • Batman TDKR replica mask, voice changer modulator.
  • Full adult size, flexible design, Bronze-Coloured.
  • 3D technology new appearance, more Bane style.
  • High level latex material.

Good NewsThis NEW VERSION 3 bane mask above is the latest innovation of X-Cosplay. Only $99.00, the quality is limited.This new version bane mask has something different from the VERSION 2 mask:It is painted as bronze-coloured, more beautiful than the version 2. And this one is totally different than those cheap one, it will always stand up, never flat down .If you have any questions and advices, please send us your advices after cosplay our bane mask, if the advice is adopted in next version, you will get a free new mask!

Price: $94.00