Corgi Kigurumi – Adult “Corgi Dog” Fancy Dress Costume, One Size Fits All

  • 100% Genuine from Sazac the creator of Kigurumi in Japan.
  • Machine washable High quality fiber used in manufacture.
  • Material: Fleece (100% polyester).
  • Size: 5’5″- 5’9″ or 165-175 cm approx. | Fits comfortable a 5’9 person (based in customer review).
  • Length: 59″ or 150 cm approx. | Chest: 51″ or 128 cm approx.

This Corgi Kigurumi is a necessary addition to your closet. Everyone needs a little cuteness in their life, so why not share some with your friends?? When you dress in your costumes for the upcoming movie night party, you’ll undeniably be the most adorable. As a bonus, you will find yourself getting a lot of cuddles (detailed research went into this fact). End the day off right with the most satisfying puppy nap of your life. Your Corgi Kigurumi makes comfy pajamas!

Price: $99.99