Cosmetic Surgery Guarantees The Perfect Palm Reading


Most people look at palm reading as something that’s just for fun, but there are those who take it seriously. People in Japan certainly do, to the point they are now shelling out about $1,000 to have Shonan Beauty Clinic plastic surgeon Takaaki Matsuoka burn better creases into their palms.

From January 2011 to May 2013, 37 palm plastic surgeries have been performed at the Shonan Beauty Clinic alone. Matsuoka isn’t too sure that this surgery can actually change fate. However, he believes it may have a placebo effect on his patients. If someone believes their luck will improve, it just might. Men usually wish to change their business related success lines, such as the fate line, the money-luck line, and the financial line. Whereas, women often want to change their marriage line.

That’s one expensive and painful placebo.

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(The Daily Beast via Gizmodiva via Geekologie)