‘Jurassic World’ May Employ Bryce Dallas Howard, Josh Brolin, And David Oyelowo As Dinosaur Food

Bryce Dallas Howard, Josh Brolin, and David Oyelowo, possible castmembers of Jurassic World AKA Jurassic Park 4

In May, Universal had put Jurassic Park 4 on hold. A month later it was back on and they released a banner. Then, earlier this month, they announced a new title for the sequel, Jurassic World, and set a release date of June 12th 2015. Now director Colin Trevorrow is lining up three of the potential stars: Bryce Dallas Howard, Josh Brolin, And David Oyelowo.

The suggestion that Brolin and Oyelowo are in talks was reported by Variety then quickly redacted. The casting of Bryce Dallas Howard is far closer to happening. The Wrap reports she’s already received an offer.

After taking time off to start a family, Howard is ready to field movie offers again. She had a stellar 2011 in which she starred in The Help and 50/50. Her past credits include Spider-Man 3, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Lady in the Water. [The Wrap]

That resume really fell off at the end.

Our offer is still totally open for them to use this Jurassic World poster. No expense.

photoshopped poster for Jurassic World AKA Jurassic Park 4, Spice Girls / Spice World with dinosaurs

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