Fred Hembeck’s DAREDEVIL-BATMAN-AQUAMAN Mash-Up Parody Comic Book Cover Art

OK, if you’re a Hembeck Fan ( and who isn’t? ) then you’re gonna totally love this comic book cover parody artwork! Fred Hembeck, famous cartoonist & artist, has been making fun of Marvel & DC Comics characters for years. A few years ago he started to create “Cover Re-Creations”, which are basically a perfect copy of a classic comic book cover, but done in the Hembeck-style. Here’s one right here. But this one is pretty interesting because it’s a mock-up of a non-existent DETECTIVE COMICS cover that looks just like the iconic cover to Daredevil #7. This book was originally drawn by Wally Wood & was the 1st appearance of the, now famous, “red costume”. Hembeck’s drawing is a total copy of that but instead of drawing Daredevil & the Sub-Mariner he made it a Batman comic book with Aquaman as the villain…very cool! It’s sort of ironic that Sub-Mariner & Aquaman are both “underwater guys”, ha!