Vintage BATMAN MEMORABILIA From Around The Globe!

OK, it’s no secret how I am totally goo-goo over Vintage Batman memorabilia & some of the best items, or at least the hardest ones to find, are from countries outside the United States. Check these out!! The 1st RARE item shown here is a 1966 BATMAN School Writing Tablet from Holland. Yes, it’s Dutch! I totally love the graphics on the cover, great stuff! The 2nd pic is a newer item ( 1980’s ) & comes all the way from Japan! The Japanese are known for their love of the Caped Crusader so it’s no big surprise that they marketed a few pieces of merchandise to capitalize on the 1989 Batman movie craze. This is a Store Display offering Batman Keychains….how cool is that?! The last item is kind of weird but I totally love it. It’s a Batman and Robin Candy Box from 1997! This was made in England, or the UK. On the back of each box were some Character Trading Cards you could collect. This one features Mr. Freeze. Also, it’s the “Animated Series” version, so I love it even more now, ha ha! Do you live outside the USA? Are you a Batman Collector? Please contact us & let us know. We always love meeting other people from around the world who like the Dark Knight.