Monthly Archive: May, 2014

TOY FAIR 2010 – Justice League Plush Dolls by Funco ( Batman )

More News from TOY FAIR 2010: OK, you know the toy company named FUNKO? They make those awesome Wacky Wobbler Nodders. I really love those things. Well, now they have another division in… Continue reading

TOY FAIR 2010 – Retro Action DC Super Heroes by Mattel

Straight from the 2010 TOY FAIR here comes this awesome set of photos showing some of the brand-new RETRO-ACTION DC SUPER HEROES Action Figure Dolls!! Anybody who grew-up in the 1970’s will totally… Continue reading

BATMAN FAN BOOK “Dicionario Do Morcego” or “Dictionary of The Bat”

One of the things I love about doing the Bat-Blog is getting to meet other Batman Fans from all over the world. Like, I recently met a very nice guy named Silvio Ribas… Continue reading

Video – First Look at Batman: Under the Red Hood

Here is a small Video Documentary on the “Making of BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD”. This will be the next animated DVD movie from Bruce Timm & the DC Universe. It will start… Continue reading

BATMAN IIX – Vintage Movie Poster Parody!

Shown here is a beautiful graphic created by our good friend Sean Hartter. It’s a fake Vintage Movie Poster / Lobby Card featuring Donald Pleasence as Mr. Freeze! Oh man, he would have… Continue reading

9 Old School BATMAN Vehicles That Rocked!!

Over at the BREAKDOWN COVER website they created a really neat list ( with photos ) of the Top 9 Coolest Classic Vehicles that were used on the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. Like… Continue reading


OK, This post is mainly for our friends who live in the United Kingdom, Australia, & New Zealand. The TITAN COMICS Company will be publishing a BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD “Comic… Continue reading

Crazy Good BioShock 2 Little Sister And Big Sister Cosplay

Here we have a Little Sister and Big Sister from the game BioShock 2 done by cosplayer Angela Bermudez. Her costume is the more intricate of the two with all the buckles and… Continue reading

No One Cosplays Like Gaston

When Gaston grew up he ate five dozen eggs every day to help him be the size of a barge. I wouldn’t recommend copying him. Gaston of Beauty and the Beast was never… Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda Wedding Ring Collection

In theory, wedding rings are forever. You’ll be looking at the same design day after day and decade after decade so you’d better like it. Given the length of time you have to… Continue reading