Average Joes – Making the internet go round

You might have noticed that ‘bar’ above the header. It’s Blogger’s way of making all blogs connect to one another in some kind of unholy alliance. If you click on ‘Next Blog’ you will theortically get taken to a blog that in some shape or form is related to the blog you first clicked on.

Curious if this was true or not, I gave it a go and found some gamer blogs from ‘average joes’ who appear to love gaming as much as I do. Check em out, you might find something pretty cool! Or just pretty.
Vanderblog His goal is to ban hackers from the game. Lofty goal mate, a lofty goal.
Sirocco’s Blog Something about online country simulators….

Vettie’s Views. They like Pink Floyd and Mech Warrior.

Confessions of an arcade addict Quite simply really old chap, they confess about their addiction to arcade. A terrible affliction, wot wot.

GLOQWI The life of a kid who has no life?

Blain’s Gaming Life He plays lots of games. He has thoughts about them. And says stupid things.

Part Time Gamer The description is in the title OK mate?

Thru the looking glass Not necessarily a tim burton fan

Arbiter’s Judgement This site could be about daisies for all I care. Cool name, cool blog.

Two Way Roads As opposed to One Way Roads.

The OG Spot Not the G spot, the OG Spot. Various average joes talk about…gaming!

I am Addam Last and frankly my favourite* Not a gamer blog but a sketch blog. I’mmma link to this simply for the awesome reworking of He-Man

. If memory serves right, He-Man went by the name of Prince Adam when he wasn’t battling Skeltor!

So there you have it, some random average joe gamer blogs. Not Halo related at all. We don’t always have to be Halo centric right? Sometimes Jimmy Jangles likes to play Mass Effect after all…..

*I’m spelling it the Kiwi way. America can’t spell good right? As if multi choice exams mean anything….