Be a Hero – Gameplay Phase Starts Tonight!

A reminder from Mr Wu:

The 48 hour period during which your choice of emblem worn on Xbox LIVE in Halo 3 or ODST can contribute to Bungie’s financial donation to the Haiti relief effort begins in just four and a half hours – be sure to visit the Be A Hero page and read the instructions for properly setting your emblem so that your gametime counts! (That was a really awkward sentence).

Let’s try that again.

Visit the Be A Hero page to learn the exact heart-based emblem to put on your Halo 3 Spartan or ODST Marine. Then, wear it online between Wednesday just after midnight through Thursday just before midnight – both PST – and you will count towards the $100 per thousand players that Bungie will be contributing to the Haiti Relief effort. Was that better?

Copied straight from HBO. Hey, its for a good cause! Clicking the Be a Hero picture will take you to the Bungie store so if you wish you can buy the pictured T-Shirt – which will then cause Bungie to donate the profit margin to the Haiti relief causes. From memory, that offer is happening till end of February.