We Break Down The Xbox One Launch Titles


The Xbox One launch titles have been announced and the list is fairly hefty… but surprisingly lacking in some ways. Here’s what you can play on launch day for the Xbox One.

We’re breaking this down by title, and we’ll let you know if it’s an exclusive, and anything else that might be relevant. So, in alphabetical order…


This is a spectacularly uncompelling launch lineup. Every single game we can’t wait for, we can play on a system we already own. The exclusives tend to have drawbacks that, with a $500 premium larded on top, don’t make them worth it.

Don’t get us wrong: It’s unlikely Sony’s going to deliver a knock-out punch of a lineup, either. Except for maybe five titles it’s probably going to look exactly the same, really. But it’s still something of a disappointment that we hope is rectified soon.