Bruce Wayne ( Batman ) Makes “The Fictional 15” List in Forbes Magazine

Just in case you’ve been worried about how much money Batman ( Bruce Wayne ) has, then worry no more. He made the “Fictional 15 List” at Forbes this year, whew! Forbes Magazine is known as “the Bible of Capitalism” & they’re usually pretty serious about business & financial news. But every year they like to do this very cute thing where they analyze “how much money fictional characters have” & create a list of the top 15. I don’t know why Bruce Wayne is on the list because he’s real, ha! Well, it looks like he is among some of the wealthiest including Montgomery Burns ( The Simpsons ), Richie Rich, Uncle Scrooge, Jed Clampett ( The Beverly Hillbillies ), Tony Stark ( Ironman ), & others. To read the entire article, and for more information, click HERE!